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Fear not what is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed


The absolute goal of human life is to achieve salvation by pleasing the God with devotion. By chanting the stotras, hymns and singing the songs with utmost surrender and devotion is the path of ‘Dasas’. Many Dasas like Sri Purandara Dasa, Sri Vijaya Dasa and Sri Kanaka Dasa have composed greatest devotional songs.

Kadaramandalagi is a very popular small village is in Byadagi taluk of Haveri district Kadaramandalagi has about 4500 population and it is known as a progressive village. The well known temple of Sri Maruti / Hanuman has brought greater fame to the place. The idol of Sri Hanuman is with beautifApul decoration, sparkling eyes and wide shoulders giving a dazzling look to the devotees. Hence the God is also called ‘KANTESHA’ (meaning God of Brightness). The village was also used to be called KANTESHPURI, Sri Kantesha of Kadara mandalagi, Sri Shantesha of Satanahalli and Sri Bhrantesha of Shikaripura are three well known temples of Sri Hanuman and all three are at nearby proximity.

According to mythological background Sri Hanuman went to catch the Sun God soon after his birth. Hence the word ‘Kadar’ means ‘rays’, ‘mandala’ is the group or clustes of rays and ‘gi’ means ‘gaminisidavanu’. The glorious bright radiance of Sri Hanuman State has brought the name to place as Kadaramandalagi.The village is also well known for weaving which is the main occupation.


Sri Kanaka Dasa – Kanaka Dasa, born as a head of a small province was wounded deeply in a battle. Lord Venkatesha came in his dream and prompted him to be his devotee and cured all his physical ailments. When he visited Tirupati, the God advised him to see Kantesha first and then Me (Venkatesha). Another time, when Kanaka Dasa fell ill, Kantesha cured all his ailments. Then Kanaka Dasa praised Kantesha in his various poetic compositions. Kanaka Dasa was the first devotee to popularize the power of Kantesha in South India. Even now on April 13th of every year a great tribute is given to Kanaka Dasa.

Shri Hire Acharya - Venkatacharya did not get a child even after several years of marriage. After several years of pooja and meditation Lord Kantesha assured him of a child if he seves at Kadarmandalagi. Then they got a male child who was later called Hire Acharya. When he grew up he started serving and worshipping God. People developed great respect for him. When the Swamiji of Uttaradi Math wanted to test him asked what he was holding in hand. He accurately said it was Saligram. When a plunderer came to Kadarmandalagi, Sri Hire Acharya prayed Sri Kantesha and then suddenly the plunderer lost his eyes. Then he also felt that it was due to wrong thing done at a divine place. When he prayed Lord Kantesha, he got his eyesight back. Like this the Super Human power of Acharya spread everywhere and many devotees gave lands and properties to him, At his cremation place, even now Aswath tree with covered steps is present.

Adavi Rama Dasa – Rama Dasa is an ardent devotee of Kantesha, when he throw a small stone at cow, the cow fall as if dead, felt very guilty and started praying Kantesha. Then suddenly the cow became alive and got up.

Mysuru Bhima Dasa – Bhima Dasa took birth when the childless parents prayed Kantesha for a long time God asked the parents to give their Son to him. But they forgot their promise for the love towards child. When Bhima Acharya got hurt his eyes they prayed the God and assured that they will give the Son to the God. The God granted him the eyesight Bhima Acharya, though got married developed spiritual interest. He started doing miracles and Sang in praise of Sri Hari. He cured adera of people. When he jumped from the gopura of the temple in front of king of Mysuru, his spiritual power was realized to everyone. The king of Mysuru granted many gifts but Bhima Acharya told the king only to send the items needed to worship the God. His family decendents are even now called Dasas of Kadarmandalagi.

Shri Shrinivasa Dasa - Sri Srinivasa Dasa became a great devotee as soon as he visited the Temple of Kantesha. Once a very poisonous snake bit him, he put the Sacred ashes of Lord kantesha, poison did not do anything. He sung and chanted several poems and hymns in praise of Lord Kantesha.